Interested in astrology, crystals, tarot, or witchcraft, but not sure how to start your practice*? Join hosts Kate and Emily, two NYC-based comedians and “baby witches” with this fun and informational podcast that examines all areas of the occult, witchcraft, paganism, and new age spirituality – all through an accessible and light-hearted comedic lens. Each episode goes in-depth on a different topic or story, and special guests join the team to provide further insight! #HexYeah

cartoon image of EmilyEmily Duncan is a Scorpio ascendant, Scorpio star sign, Leo moon – and a Canadian-born, New York-based writer and comedian. Emily’s plays have been read or produced at Classical Theatre of Harlem’s Playwrights Playground, The Playwrights Loft, Rising Sun Performance Company, Horse & Cart Theater, The Bus Stop Theater, Little Fish Theater, and SWAN Day Boston, among others. She has written and directed a number of original plays and musicals for The Peoples Improv Theater, including Pluto Is Missing! A Not-So-Planetary Musical, a family-friendly musical she co-wrote, which enjoyed a year and a half long run at The PIT from Sept. 2017 until Jan. 2019. She has performed at festivals around North America and NYC with her comedy group Big Britches, including at the 2018 New York and Philadelphia Sketchfests. She has written in some form or another for Funny or Die, BustedTees, IFC, Mic.com, Hairstory, Hallmark, Imperfect Produce, Busch beer and Nuts.com’s roast of nuts. And, of course, Emily also co-hosts The Revolution, a monthly intersectional feminist comedy show showcasing female and non-binary comedians at QED in Astoria, with her good friend Kate Moran. For more, check out emily-duncan.com or follow @emduncaroo on Twitter.

cartoon image of KateKate Moran is a Scorpio rising, Sagittarius sun, Capricorn moon. She also is a filmmaker, producer, director, writer, editor, actor, and comedian – and has worked on over 50 productions for stage and screen in the last 10 years. A graduate of NYU Tisch, she has also studied with Stella Adler Studio and the Peoples Improv Theater. She produces The Revolution comedy show with Emily as well as the Witchcast Podcast, and is also the VP and Marketing Director for Nasty Women Unite Fest, a nonprofit intersectional feminist arts festival raising money for the ACLU. She’s also a director/head writer for house sketch comedy teams and video comedy instructor at the PIT. She is currently producing several new video projects, as well as working on a novel. More information at www.kmoproductions.com or follow @kickasskmo on IG and TW.

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