Witchy Resources

Want to learn more? Here are some witchy resources* we love and use ourselves!

Silfren Circle – witchy blog, community, and resource hub

Free Birth Charts – Cafe Astrology

Biddy Tarot daily tarot card emails

Free Will Astrology – Free Weekly Astrology Emails from Rob Brezsny

Horoscopes from Chani Nicholas

Tarot Worksheet 2019 by Julianna Joyful – Special Guest from Ep 102

Golden Willow Healing (crystal and reiki healer)  – Special Guest from Ep 103

Durgadas Allon Duriel’s website – Astrologer, Psychotherapist, Occultist – Special Guest from Ep 104

Rowan Rivers – Anglo-Pinoy queer witch, tarot readings, works with @theravenswingmagicalco, but you can follow them and book readings at their insta @riverwitchshop!

Emily Grote, psychic medium – Special Guest from Ep 106, 206

Blaque Mystic – Special Guest Nina Rose from Ep 201

Belias Atelier (Lumo Arcanorum) Etsy store – Special Guest from Ep 204, Hermetic Qabalah

Green Witch Home– online store of Rachel Mars, special guest from Ep 301, Green Witchcraft. Use the code WITCHCAST for 10% off your purchase!

Power of 3 Podcast – Special Guests for Ep 308. Check out each of these witches’ info below:

Jasmine Wolfe, numerology, tarot, astrologer @satin.saturn

Ariella, occult and vintage shopping, tarot readings @the.celestial.rose

Sign up for Ariella’s Kitchen Witch newsletter here!

Jess, reiki, coaching @apparentlyyourself

Melissa Soong’s Instagram – Special Guest from Ep 310, teacher and practitioner of Meridian Yoga Therapy, acupressure + more.

Mariam Mouna Guessous of I See You Wellness, instagram: @iseeyouwell – Special Guest from Ep 315, sound and energy healer, reiki

Follow lightworker Alia Ra’naa Walston for spiritual coaching and support through the lens of tarot, astrology, empowerment, & liberation on Instagram @aliawalston, www.aliawalston.com/links.html

Book a reiki session with Andria Kozica or join her Empress Rising group sessions: click here. 

Other magickal shops we love (no paid affiliation, we just like them!):

Magickal Thyme etsy shop

Wren Stones etsy shop

South Bay Salt online etsy shop

Sea Witch Botanical etsy shop

Desert Hippie Shop 

Have a resource you’d like to see listed here? Commune with us! (or in muggle speak, send us an email)

*The views and opinions expressed, and services provided, are solely the resources’ own and Witchcast Podcast holds no responsibility or ownership over the contents.