Ep302 “Sigil Winterbottom” – Sigils and Talismans

In this episode of the Witchcast Podcast, Kate and Emily conjure up some background and how-to on sigils and talismans. Then Kate pulls a card from Emily's Moon Power tarot deck. Llewellyn Article on Sigil for the Year exercise Exemplore Article on how to make your own sigil - Title card: some common sigils like … Continue reading Ep302 “Sigil Winterbottom” – Sigils and Talismans

Ep301 “Spike Leaf” – Green Witchcraft

Happy New Year! It's the season 3 premiere! Emily and Kate resolve to be greener and talk with Green Witch and artist, Rachel Mars! Then Rachel pulls a card from her own oracle deck. You can reach out to Rachel on her website: greenwitchhome.com and follow on IG @greenwitchhome and for a limited time, listeners … Continue reading Ep301 “Spike Leaf” – Green Witchcraft

Ep214 “Hell Yeah, My Dude!” – Yule

Happy Yule! It's the season 2 finale! Emily and Kate go wassailing as they discuss Yule and the Winter Solstice with special guest, lightworker Alia Walston! Then Alia pulls a card from their own tarot deck. You can reach out to Alia on their website: http://www.aliawalston.com and follow on IG @aliawalston. A big witchy thank you … Continue reading Ep214 “Hell Yeah, My Dude!” – Yule

Ep212 “Seafood Crawl” – Witchy Apps

Happy Indigenous Peoples' / Turkey Day! In this episode of #WitchcastPodcast, Kate and Emily unlock their phones and discuss their favorite witchy mobile apps. Then Kate draws a card from her Vision Quest tarot deck! Listen on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play, or wherever you get your podcast fix today! Be sure to please Rate and … Continue reading Ep212 “Seafood Crawl” – Witchy Apps

Ep210 “Read to Filth” – Birth Charts

In this episode of Witchcast Podcast, Kate and Emily look up and dig deep into the complex but surprisingly accessible word of Astrological Birth Charts, with returning guest and friend of the podcast, Durgadas Allon Duriel! Never felt like your sign description fit you or wanted to know what the heck houses mean or if … Continue reading Ep210 “Read to Filth” – Birth Charts