Ep210 “Read to Filth” – Birth Charts

In this episode of Witchcast Podcast, Kate and Emily look up and dig deep into the complex but surprisingly accessible word of Astrological Birth Charts, with returning guest and friend of the podcast, Durgadas Allon Duriel! Never felt like your sign description fit you or wanted to know what the heck houses mean or if you and your crush are compatible? Hit subscribe and listen now, link in bio. Plus Durgadas pulls a tarot card of the week from his Radiant Wise Spirit deck! ⁣

  • 8 of Swords reversed

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Follow Durgadas on Instagram at @DurgadasAllonDuriel

Check out his website at durgadasallonduriel.com

Pre-order his book here.

And his writing on modernwitch.com


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