Ep304 “Spittin Eggs” – The Major Arcana

In this insightful episode of the Witchcast Podcast, Kate and Emily look within with a very special guest: artist, filmmaker, and baby queer witch, June! They discuss the Major Arcana tarot cards, their meaning, how that ties into numerology, Birth Tarot, and what the year ahead has in store for them. Then June draws a card from their own deck, Tarot Trans: El Juicio Final! Link in bio or wherever you get your podcast fix. CW: mental health, death, suicide. ⁣

-Cover Art is the Temperance card from Emily’s Moon Power deck by Charlie Quintero⁣
Who Are You in the Tarot by Mary Greer ⁣
– The Temperance card from June’ deck by Zaida Gonzalez⁣

Check out the Tarot for the Wild Soul podcast by Lindsay Mack here.
Follow June at @lolosketches on Instagram. ⁣


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