Ep306 “Golden Eagles” – Stories of Tituba and La Voisin

It’s story time again on the Witchcast Podcast! First off, Kate tells the true story of the infamous Tituba – at least as much as we know about her. And then Emily regales us with the tale of the badass La Voisin. Then they draw a card from Emily’s Moon Power Tarot card deck.

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– Cover photo: An 1880s engraving depict Tituba in the act of terrifying children. (Mary Evans Picture Library / Everett Collection)⁣
– An illustration of Tituba by John W. Ehninger, 1902⁣
– Catherine Deshayes, “La Voisin”, 17th-century print of her portrait held by a winged devil⁣
– Lovers card from the Moon Tarot deck by @Sick.sad.girls⁣

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