New Interactive Reading for Lunar New Year and New Moon!

Blame the Mercury Retrograde folx, we are a little delayed on getting you our newest episode. In the meantime, celebrate the Lunar New Year and the New Moon in Aquarius with us with a very special interactive reading! 

Find your center and a comfortable position. Give yourself a big hug, whydoncha, and take 3 deep breaths. Then swipe to pick a stack of cards. 

This week’s reading includes:

Tarot cards created by the Asian American Literary Review in honor of the Lunar New Year (link here)

Inspiration cards from the Whispering Woods deck by Jessica Le – link here

2 crystals for you to meditate on with those readings

PLUS a spell for you to do, inspired by our friends at Llewellyn, links to full spells below.

Spell 1

Spell 2

Spell 3

Let us know if your reading resonated with you and we’ll see ya’ll next week! 


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