Ep420 “Mouth First” Witchy Road Trips

Feel like getting away this Summer? In this episode of the Witchcast Podcast, Emily and Kate discuss ten witchy road trip destinations across the United States! Then Kate draws a card from her Druid Animal Oracle deck.

Links and places mentioned below:

  1. Salem, MA
    1. Salem Witch Museum – Also check out the Salem Witch Memorial and the Burying Point
      1. Salem Witch Village
    2. The Witch House
    3. Maybe skip: Witch Dungeon Museum, Salem Wax Museum, Witch History Museum
  2. New Orleans, LA
    1. LaLaurie House
    2. Garden District
    3. Historic Voodoo Museum
    4. Museum of Death
    5. Pharmacy Museum
    6. Congo Square
  3. Tampa Bay, FL
    1. Ybor City, historical district
    1. Ghost tour in St. Petersburg
  4. New York, NYThe House of Death
  5. San Jose and San Francisco, CA
    1. San Francisco – Queen Anne Hotel
    2. San Jose – Winchester Mystery House
  6. Portland, OR
    1. Tarot-themed bar on North Mississippi
    2. Portland Psychic School or Portland School of Astrology
    3. Secret Forest Books
    4. Moonshadow, on Southeast Belmont
    5. Homebody in Slabtown
    6. Mystic District
    7. Sacred Lattice, a witch school serving Portlanders of color.
    8. Annual Witch Paddle
  7. Sedona, AZGuide to Crystal Shopping and Vortex Hunting in Sedona
  8. Landers, CAThe Integratron
  9. Adams, TN The Bell Witch Cave
  10. Utica, IN –  Witch’s Castle

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