Ep105 “Low Magick Queen” – Spells & Potions

In this episode of #WitchcastPodcast, Emily and Kate conjure up the epic history and use of Spells and Potions with special guest: witch, potion master, tarot reader, actor, and artist, Rowan Rivers! Learn along with us as we infuse our learnings together, discussing the earliest potions, amulets, hex tablets, and the main 8 types of magick. Plus guest Rowan pulls a tarot card of the week from his own Game of Thrones deck.

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Links to what we discussed this week:

Our Hex Yeah! Spotify Playlist

How Witches’ Brews Helped Bring Modern Drugs to Market – Smithsonian Mag Article 

(Remember, everything Witchcast podcast talks about or posts are strictly entertainment purposes only.)


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