Ep106 – “We Are Straws!” Psychics and Mediums

In this episode of #WitchcastPodcast, Emily and Kate channel the deeply fascinating world and history of Psychics and Mediums with special guest, psychic medium, Emily Grote! Learn along with us as we tap into topics like The Witch of Endor, Clairvoyance, and how to start opening up your own intuition. Plus guest Emily G. pulls a tarot card of the week from our Vision Quest deck.

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Links to what we discussed this week:

Emily Grote’s Website

Lily Dale (NOT a person… that we know of)

Tom Campbell

Robert Monroe

(Remember, everything Witchcast podcast talks about or posts are strictly entertainment purposes only, we have NO affiliation or relationship with the linked organizations above, nor do we endorse them. We only provide the info for your perusal if you wish.)


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