Ep611 Witchcast’s 100th Episode Live Taping Extravaganza!

It’s the 100th episode live taping extravaganza, taped live at QED Astoria in New York City!

Emily and Kate kick off the show with a few incredible opening acts, featuring comedian Sammy James, musician and comedian Martha Cipolla, comedian Christiana Jackson, and comedian and singer of the Witchcast theme song, Colby Smith! Then they chat about the history of the pod, how much they’ve changed, what they’re sorry for, and what they’ve learned. Then past guest Laura Lukos of Golden Willow Healing and A Casual Coven comes on stage to talk about her journey and give the audience (and you!) a live reading. Then Kate and Emily give away a special witchy goodie bag to some one who really needs it. 

Follow the featured acts here:

Martha Cipolla
Donate to @southernequality
And special thanks to @therisereiki
@qedastoria and shout-out to @suttoncrawford@emilygrote_psychicmedium too!

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